We are a mobile pet grooming company in Phoenix, Arizona. Our truck travels across the Phoenix area, offering dog grooming services to dog owners all over town. Our company offers a number of pet grooming services that offer a great deal of benefits to dog and owner alike.

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General Grooming and Hair Trimming

Grooming a dog can be important, particular in the hot and dry Phoenix area. This is particularly true of dogs adapted for colder temperatures. While there are few huskies in Arizona, other breeds such as beagles can survive but are seldom comfortable in the area. For these breeds and indeed most dogs, the removal of dead hair is essential for surviving the desert life. Some breeds, such as poodles, may have hair growth patterns that can make functioning in any climate more difficult if their hair is left untrimmed, making a canine hair cut important for some dogs. Additionally, any hair removed by a groomer is hair a pet owner does not have to clean out of their house.

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Nail Trimming

A dog with nails that are too long will have problems walking. While wild canines keep their nails short by walking constantly on rough surfaces, many domesticated canines will spend a lot of time walking on surfaces that will not naturally grind their nails down. It is for these dogs that we offer nail trimming packages. Few dogs enjoy getting their nails trimmed, but our mobile dog grooming truck and our trained staff have the means to ensure that dogs allow their nails to be trimmed before their nails become a serious hazard to the dog’s mobility.

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Hair Cleansing and Conditioning

As any dog owner will tell you, our canine friends can and often will wind up acquiring unpleasant odors just from living like dogs. Even thoroughly domesticated dogs do not wash their own fur and sometimes even the most pampered dog will wind up covered in foul smelling filth. Our company offers a thorough hair cleansing service that will remove even the smallest dirt and filth from your dog’s coat. This also removes a great deal of dead hair that, again, is better removed by a groomer than a pet’s owner. Additionally, our company offers hair conditioning services to make your companion’s fur soft and beautiful in addition to being practical.

Dental Clean

Dogs also do not practice dental hygiene naturally. However, like humans, dogs can acquire painful dental problems over the years that can make eating difficult. The removal of these damaged teeth is seldom pleasant for the dog and rarely cheap for the dog’s owner. Preventative dental hygiene is a good way to hold of the pain and expense of severe damage to your dog’s teeth. Our company offers dental cleaning for all dogs. We take every precaution to ensure that your dog’s teeth are cared for, while using toothpastes that dogs enjoy, as standard human flavors hold little appeal to canines. Your dog may not like it much, but it will like having teeth removed even less.


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